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Tema: Far Cry

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    Far Cry

    Far Cry
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    Odgovor: Far Cry


    Far Cry’s single-player campaign consists of 20 levels, some of which contain about as much landmass as the average FPS does in an entire game. After you get through with the campaign, you’ll be able to try again on a harder difficulty setting, or play on "statistics mode," which lets you select an individual level to play, and will give you detailed feedback on your performance during the level.

    Basic Combat Tips

    Far Cry is very much a first-person shooter, but the technological implementation of long view distances has an impact on the gameplay that makes the outdoor levels the first of their kind. You should be able to make it through the interior levels just fine if you’ve ever played an FPS before, but here are some tips to help you adjust to the exterior combat.

    Approach With Caution

    When you come across a mercenary camp or base, you’ll need to scout the area before heading in. It’s especially important to keep to cover as you approach a base, due to the outstanding eyesight of three groups of enemies: enemies manning minigun turrets or mortars, mercenaries atop towers, and mercenaries with rocket launchers or sniper rifles. All of these groups will generally see you before their compatriots do. They’ll often spot you as soon as you come into their line of sight, even if you’re half a click away, so always head towards an enemy camp on high alert, and only after you’ve managed to clear out any of these specific threats.

    Use Your Binoculars

    Just in case this isn’t stressed enough in the walk-through itself: use your binoculars! While many FPS games throw in binoculars, they’ve never been as useful in a game as they are in Far Cry. This isn’t just due to their ability to zoom on distant enemies; they also lock on to your targets’ locator tags, meaning that any merc or mutant that you scan will appear on your radar from that point on. This can often make the difference between ambushing an opponent and getting ambushed yourself.

    Let Your Enemies Come To You

    The AI in Far Cry is quite good; mercenaries, especially, will attempt to hunt you down after you make your presence known with a gunshot. You can often use this to your advantage by luring your targets towards your position with a volley of bullets, then taking them down with an automatic weapon as they close in. Lying prone and waiting might not seem like your idea of fun, but this will afford you better accuracy; when you move, most of your weapons will tend to spray bullets in wide arcs, whereas lying down will let you focus on your target’s head. Try to position yourself on the high end of a slope, or near cover, so that you’ll have a place to retreat to in case you get overwhelmed or have to reload.

    Duck And Cover...Or Just Duck

    As we just said, moving tends to decrease any given weapon’s accuracy a great deal. There’s also plenty of accuracy lost between the standing and prone positions. When dealing with enemies at medium range, you’ll often have a better shot (literally speaking) at killing them quickly if you hit the ground as soon as you spot them. Lying prone and zooming in with your assault rifle’s scope or zoom feature will let you get headshots much, much more easily than will sprinting towards your target and blasting away, and will also reduce your profile, meaning that your enemies will probably hit you fewer times while you’re fighting.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 1: Training

    As with any good first-person game, you’re going to be given a short obstacle course to run through before you can get to the real fun. If you’re at all familiar with the basic movements of an FPS, none of this should be difficult for you; just follow the prompts on the screen to learn when to kneel, when to lie prone, etc., and you should get through the sewers just fine.

    Eventually, you’ll come across a ladder which leads up to a semi-open area. After the cutscene, you’ll be tasked with dashing across the room without the soldier outside detecting you. This shouldn’t be difficult; you can just use your sprint key to run across. If you want to make sure that he doesn’t see you, throw a rock (G is the default key for this) to distract him, then dash across. The roof will cave in behind you as soon as you enter the passage nearby.

    After you reach the nearby room, you’ll encounter a rather suspiciously convenient video phone, apparently placed there by Doyle, a scientist elsewhere on the island. He’ll be your plot propellant from here on in, telling you where to go and what to do, which is helpful, considering the large size of the levels in Far Cry. Listen to his advice whenever his voice pops up. For now, he’s got some fairly obvious words of wisdom: grab the nearby gun and armor and get ready to shoot some folk.

    Search the Huts for Ammo

    When you reach the island’s exterior, you’re going to be faced with a few buildings, around which cluster four or five guards. With your paltry amount of ammo, you’ll be at a disadvantage in a firefight, so your first objective here should be to grab a new weapon. Luckily for you, there’s an M4 Assault Rifle nearby. Unluckily for you, it’s in the building that you’re farthest from. If you walk along the mountain to your left, and keep an eye on your stealth meter, you should be able to walk behind one of the other buildings and get to it unmolested, but keep your gun handy. Enter the building from the southwest side, near the Explosives sign, and your new weapon will be waiting for you on a shelf. Grab it and the ammo on the crate nearby, and you should be ready to take down the mercenaries elsewhere in the makeshift village.

    Said mercenaries may or may not have been alerted to your presence already; it depends on the amount of noise that you’ve made. Regardless, you should probably go ahead and kill them, since they’ll see you on your way out of the village anyway. The M4 on auto-fire can make short work of any of these guys, but try to aim at their heads for one-shot kills. If you just start firing wildly, you may find yourself taking bullets through the wall; you are in a wooden hut, after all. At any rate, kill everyone and take the ammo from their weapons. If you’ve taken damage to your health, you can find another health kit on one of the shelves in the same hut where you found the M4. Check the other huts for a machete and other assorted items, then head on.

    Go to the Hut on the Hill to find binoculars

    Move out from the huts towards the objective on your radar. The hut on the hill is fairly close by, so it’s represented by a solid dot; objectives that are farther away are usually represented by blue arrows on the outside edge of your radar display. While you’re on your way, flip between the pistol and the rifle to gauge their effects on your walking speed. The pistol is a light weapon, meaning that it has a negligible effect on how quickly you can walk, while the M4 is a bit heavier, and will slow you down while you have it activated.

    After grabbing the binoculars from the hut, Doyle will radio in, letting you know that the camp on the far side of the nearby water is where you need to be. Before you head out, though, flip on your binoculars and zoom in on the camp. This will mark each of its inhabitants into your radar, so that you’ll know where they are relative to you when the shooting starts. Be sure to pan to the right to pick up the signal of the marksman in the tower set into the hill a few hundred yards from the base. This guy will be your first target.

    Go to the camp

    Swim across the water and start climbing the hill towards the tower. When you reach it, you should try to take down the guard above; you can either walk up the ladder and use the machete on him for a semi-quiet kill, or just try to shoot him from below. Keep in mind that you can shoot through the floor of the tower, so if you’re on the ground below, and manage to spot him as he walks to the side, just shoot towards his feet and he should keel over soon enough.

    Of course, any gunshots will raise the attention of the soldiers in the nearby camp, who’ll come to investigate, thereby confirming their status as the Smartest FPS Enemies Ever. Your carefree days of shooting people at long range and watching their friends step over the bodies as they unperturbedly walk their pre-programmed routes are over; the enemies in Far Cry will hear you shooting, then come to investigate in force, even if they have to walk a quarter mile to get to you. As, for instance, the soldiers in the nearby camp are doing as we speak.

    Luckily for you, you’re on the top of a hill that said soldiers will have to mount before they can get to you. Watch your radar and target whichever signal is nearest, and as soon as you can see your new friend, pop him in the head with your M4. The single-fire mode should be adequate for this task. You’ll need to kill around a half-dozen or so soldiers before you can proceed down into the base, but again, watch your radar to make sure that it’s clear. The soldier in the other tower may have stayed there, rather than come up the hill, so watch for him. There may also be a merc or two who didn’t appear on your initial scan of the facility, so keep your eyes open for any sudden guests.

    Find a vehicle

    When you’ve cleared out the camp of all of those pesky inhabitants, you can start rooting around the buildings for more junk. There’s nothing of critical importance, but if you enter the Headquarters, you’ll spot a red keycard on a desk; use it in the Armory to grab a bunch of ammo for your M4, and don’t neglect to fill up your health and armor if you lost any during the fighting. You can also run around blowing stuff up here, if you wish; both of the large cylindrical propane tanks can be destroyed. You can also destroy the buggy-like vehicle, but you probably won’t want to do that, given the name of your current objective. Hop into it instead and start-a-driving.

    Go to the carrier

    Your next objective is to find the wrecked carrier elsewhere on the island. It’s quite a trip, but the buggy should get you there fairly quickly. One of the caveats of vehicle travel, however, is that you’ll be traveling blind; without the ability to use your binoculars, you could come across enemies around every turn. Stay sharp, and don’t forget to use the buggy’s machine gun. Just hit your fire key to fire away, but keep in mind that the turret can’t aim at extremely low angles. Any soldier that gets extremely close to your buggy will get to take free potshots at you, so try to take them down from a distance.

    You’ll note that there are a couple of branches to the path; you’ll see a lot of this in Far Cry, where a road splits off into two paths, both of which lead to the same point. It’s a nice attempt at breaking the linear effect of most FPS’, but so long as you focus in on the objective blip on your radar, it shouldn’t be physically possible for you to get lost. It’ll rotate around a few times - the path to the carrier leads around the perimeter of the island - but it’ll always point you true.

    After you pass the hut on the beach and head inland a ways, you’ll come across a couple of soldiers manning a 4WD vehicle. Four-wheel drives aren’t as speedy or maneuverable as the buggy, but they’re a bit more rugged, and possess one heck of an option in the form of a roof-mounted rocket launcher, along with the standard minigun. You can flip back and forth between the two weapons with your ammo selection key. For the moment, if possible, rely on your minigun to take out the roaming mercenaries you encounter; you may need the rockets later.

    If your vehicle survives the trip to the carrier, get out and scope out the deck with your binoculars. You should spot a half-dozen or so soldiers on the ship itself, at various elevations. Although your rocket launcher can’t zoom, it does possess admirable accuracy, so aim it as best you can at the mercenaries; hopefully you’ll manage to take out a few of them before you have to approach the ship itself. There’s also a gunboat in the water near the carrier, which you can use the 4WD’s minigun on. After you’ve weakened up the opposition, head towards the blip on your radar and swim into the side of the carrier.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 2: Carrier

    Find Valerie if possible

    After you’ve managed to breach the walls of the carrier, swim through the passageway nearby and climb the ladder into the ship’s guts. Four or five mercenaries are wandering through the nearby hallways; they’ll probably come running for you as soon as you open fire. Feel free to use a few grenades to empty out the hallway immediately next to the ladder, then utilize your M4 to clean out the rest of the rabble. One of the nearby rooms has a healthkit and a few flashbang grenades; pick these up and use them when you run across the two mercs who’re packing P90 sub-machineguns, then off them and loot their corpses.

    After you exit the boiler room where the P90 soldiers were, take a left into a little broom closet-ish room where you can pick up more health and armor. From there, move on into the torpedo storage room; don’t be startled if one of the soldiers here turns on the alarm - you can just disable it after they’re all dead. Also, be alert for more troops who will rappel down the shaft in the ceiling of the room - you can get headshots fairly easily as they disengage from their rope.

    You’ll soon reach a ladder and will be able to head up to a higher level of the ship. Clear out the enemies nearby, and you’ll find a passage leading to the ship’s deck, but don’t go outside until you’ve checked all of the nearby rooms for ammo.

    Walking around outside is, or at least should be, slow going: there’s plenty of mercs to worry about, including a few on the upper levels of the ship who’ll shoot down on you, and one manning a stationary minigun at the ship’s bow. The MG merc will be difficult to see until you’re exposed to his fire, so don’t be afraid to hide behind something and lean out to snipe at him with your M4. Last, but not least, there’s a semi-obscured soldier that’ll blast you as you approach the ladder leading up to the second level here; approach it walking backwards and looking up, and you should spot him before he sees you.

    Find the boat

    There’s another short interior segment of the ship where you can restock your supplies before you head on to the really difficult fight on the ship’s deck. Make sure all of your weapons and reloaded and are set to automatic fire. You’re going to have two immediate problems upon reaching the deck: first, an attack helicopter will buzz up the side of the carrier, with a minigunner leaning out the side; and second, another soldier will be manning a mounted minigun on the other side of the carrier, ready to turn your body into small bits of goo. Oh, and there’s also the 10 soldiers on the far side of the ship that’ll start running towards you as soon as they see you, but they’re the least of your problems.

    First off, hide behind one of the crates so that the mounted minigunner can’t spot you, then start shooting away at the minigunner on the helicopter. After a full clip or two from one of your weapons, he’ll fall off of the helicopter and it’ll fly away, not to return. While it’s moving off, reload your M4, set it to single-fire mode, and lean around one of the crates to headshot the other minigunner. After both of those primary threats are dealt with, you can drop back down into the hole whence you came to restock on armor and health, if indeed you left those supplies where they were before you came up. Otherwise, just reset your weapons to automatic fire and start blasting away at the troops as they approach you. They’ll dash in and out from between the many boxes on the deck, so watch your corners as you proceed.

    Some of the mercs will stay on the far side of the deck; switch back over to single fire and take them down before proceeding across the rickety bridges leading to the south end of the ship. You’ll note your objective, a small propeller-driven boat, hanging from a couple of chains here. Shoot off the chains, and dive into the water (don’t worry, you’ll survive).

    Drive the boat east

    Perhaps you should drive the boat east.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 3: Fort

    Get to the fort ruins on top of the mountain

    To begin with, just drive your inflatable boat onto the beach directly in front of where you begin the level and get out. There’s a bit of a hill that’ll give you cover from the mercs on the dock nearby; there are four of them in total. Before the gunplay starts, use your binoculars to scout the area, and try to zoom in on the beach far in the distance; you should be able to tag a whole mess of the island’s inhabitants and get them on your radar. This’ll help ensure that you’re not shot in the back later on.

    At any rate, when you’re ready to begin the carnage, use your M4 to shoot the propane tank near the fishermen; this’ll kill them both right off, leaving you with two more targets to dispatch. A few more of the soldiers will be approaching you from the south, so wait for them to approach and then take them out.

    After things quiet down, you’ll be able to scout out the area a bit more thoroughly. If you stand near the building with the shark outside of it and use your binoculars to scout up and down the mountain to the south, you should be able to spot around two dozen soldiers combined, with most of them arrayed on the beach. A frontal assault is certainly possible, but on the harder difficulty levels, you’ll want to be a bit more subtle, so push your inflatable boat back into the water and head out to the east. There’s a small bit of land that juts out between the soldier’s beach and another, smaller beach, where four more soldiers are mulling about. Land your boat here and walk towards the four soldiers, killing them as you approach. If you can’t kill them all quickly enough, a couple of them may drive off in the buggy here, but don’t worry; you’ll catch up with them soon enough.

    From the beach, walk up the path into the jungle. There’s a set of well-guarded stone steps nearby that you’ll need to surmount if you wish to reach the ruins, so kill off the guards and take their weapons. If you’re low on ammo, health or armor, you can follow the northern part of the trail and use the minigun above the beach to wipe out the soldiers there. There’s a set of supplies in one of the huts here, along with a very handy sniper rifle. You won’t have a very good angle on the soldiers in the fort from the beach, so save your ammo for later.

    As you walk up the stone steps, your path will branch again. The left trail leads into a bunker, while the right is a more straightforward path to the ruins above. The bunker is a bit longer, but it winds up being the safer of the two due to the ease of using grenades to kill the soldiers inside. Either route will get you where you’re going, however. The bunker’s main room also possesses a silenced MP5 sub-machinegun, which is a useful enough tool to justify the trip, in our opinion.

    Whichever path you take will eventually lead you to the ruins, though. Work your way through it, methodically killing off the half-dozen or so inhabitants. On the fort’s north side, there’s a small pillbox with a ladder leading to the roof; you can use this as a sniper spot, or to lure soldiers into the pillbox itself and grenade them to death. Whatever your methods, you’ll want to kill off the soldiers before proceeding towards the door to the communications facility. As luck would have it, it’s locked, but at least someone had the good manners to leave you a rocket launcher nearby. You don’t need it to blast the door open - that’s Doyle’s job - but you may want to keep it to deal with one of the incoming helicopters.

    Defend yourself until Doyle hacks the door code

    As Doyle hacks into the door’s controls, you’ll come under assault by the aforementioned helicopters. Depending on where you move about, you may face a single helicopter of the guy-leaning-out-with-a-minigun variety, or a more advanced model that’ll hover about while more soldiers rappel from its interior down into the fort. Either way, you’ll want to take cover, as there’s also a patrol boat in the harbor below that’ll start sending up mortar rounds near the entrance to the door.

    The obvious course of action here is to just hide until Doyle radios you and lets you know that the door’s been unlocked. If need be, use the rocket launcher on the minigun helicopter to encourage it to leave you alone, then time your dash towards the door so that you don’t get blown away by the mortar rounds.

    Get inside the comm center and kill the commander

    The commander of the facility is in the door to the immediate left of the entrance. He’s a tough bastard, and his helmet prevents easy headshot kills, so either use a spare rocket round on him, or throw down a flashbang and get up close before finishing him off. He’s not incredibly more resilient than most other soldiers, though, so if you’re out of these items, just whip out your M4 and unload a clip on him until he falls.

    Find an explosive pack and plant near generator

    The explosive pack you seek is in an armory near the commander; grab the keycard off of his body and use it to unlock the gate to the armory, wherein you’ll find the explosives and more ammo for most of your weapons.

    The generator is down the hall from the control room, with a big red spot on it where you’re supposed to place the explosives, so place away and start running like hell.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 4: Pier

    Find the Mercenary Camp

    You begin this level in one of Far Cry’s more impressive vistas, but don’t stop for sightseeing; kill off the mercs nearby and pick up any ammo they leave behind. If you’re feeling saucy, you can try to kill the soldiers down the hill by pushing the barrels down the path, but, of course, a bullet to the head does the same job.

    After the mercs are out of the way, you’re forced to choose between proceeding down the hill on foot, or taking one of the gliders nearby. The glider is the more dangerous choice: although you’ll be able to fire your weapon while flying, you won’t be able to take any cover while moving about, rendering you little more than a moving target to the helicopter and patrol boat that shortly appear. Better to just walk it. If you still have the sniper rifle, you can use it while lying prone near the glider to pop off a couple of soldiers on the hill in the distance.

    The path leading down to the water is uninhabited, but you’ll probably get a fly-by from the helicopter, which appears regardless of what method of travel you take. Again, a full clip or two from the M4 into the minigunner will generally persuade your aerial friends not to bother you, after which you can proceed down to the pier. The patrol boat will also be floating around down here, along with a couple of land-based guards; clear everyone out and swim (or take the boat, if it’s nearby) to the other side of the river and begin your ascent.

    If you didn’t snipe out the soldiers on the hill before, they’ll be here now, manning an emplaced minigun. Kill them, take their items, then turn your attention to the gentlemen in the sniper’s tower to the south. The view from this tower overlooks the mercenary camp that you’ve been instructed to find.

    After you’re up in the tower, pick up the sniper rifle, or get the ammo if you still have your rifle from the last map. Assuming you have at least five shots, you should try to hit the yellow propane tank next to the two soldiers at the edge of the camp closest to you, then the two snipers in the towers above the camp. One of the towers is easily spotted from your viewpoint, but the other one is obscured by the tree line, so use your binoculars to pick up all of the soldierss signals, then zoom in on the signals until you find the second sniper. While using your binocs, don’t forget to scan the jungle outside of the camp; there’s a patrol of five or six mercs to the northeast of the camp, with whom you’ll have to deal before you reach it. Best to have them on your radar before you make your approach.

    Blow up the armory to create a diversion

    As you move in on the base, you can expect to have some unwelcome company, in the form of yet another attack helicopter that’ll fly over the base. If you wait around on the perimeter, it’ll back off and wait to move in; take the opportunity to use your binoculars on it and lock onto one of its passengers. This will let you know its position if you have to duck into one of the buildings here while shooting at it. After you pop the gunner, it’ll attempt to land and drop off a couple of soldiers, but after that, it’ll make a hasty getaway.

    Another thing to worry about in the base is a soldier with a rocket launcher; he’s in one of the sniper towers in the southwest corner of the camp, above the armory. If you’re lucky, he’ll aim a rocket at you and wind up hitting the side of the tower instead, thus killing himself, but otherwise, you’ll have to either snipe him from a distance or run up close and chuck a few grenades up there. Also, don’t necessarily think that you’re safe just because there’s nothing on your radar; there are a few roustabouts inside the buildings here, so keep your guns at the ready as you enter and exit the structures.

    When all of the threats have been eliminated, grab the green keycard from the Admin building and the explosives from the Briefing building, then head into the armory, grab whatever ammo you need, and place your explosives.

    Steal a vehicle and head west to the pier

    Before you move out of the base, climb the sniper’s towers to recover the ammo that the soldiers there dropped. Sniper rounds are, if not rare, then in somewhat more short supply than those for the M4 or your SMGs. It never hurts to be thorough in the search for munitions.

    When you’re ready to move on to the pier, grab one of the buggies and start moving along the road. If the oh-so-subtle sound of the engine from the nearby garage didn’t alarm you, keep your minigun pointed backwards towards its door as you roll out; a 4WD with two soldiers on it will soon emerge. Gun them down and steal their vehicle.

    After progressing down the road a bit, you’ll come to a roadblock formed of a few vehicles, some with mercs actually inside them. If there was ever a time when your mounted rocket launcher could come in handy, this is it. Blow the roadblock away with a liberal application of projectile explosives, then push whatever flotsam remains out of the way with the nose of your truck and ford the river. You should be able to spot a sniper’s tower in the distance at this point, so get out of your car and scope it with your binoculars. If you couldn’t tell, the weapon that the merc atop the tower is toting is a rocket launcher, but luckily for you, you should possess one of your own on your 4WD. Shoot a few rounds towards the tower; if no rockets come flying back at you, you’ll know that your prey is dead.

    Go ahead and drive up to the tower and grab the rocket launcher. Assuming you’re packing an M4, a sniper rifle, a P90, and an MP5 at this point, you can fairly safely drop either the M4 or the P90 to exchange for the rocket launcher. While you’re on the tower, feel free to scope out the pier below and get the locations of the soldiers on your radar. You can also snipe out the soldiers that are visible on the pier; you’re going to have to kill them later anyway.

    Kill all enemies in this area

    Before Doyle will meet you, you need to clear out the area of all mercenary presence. If you take your 4WD down to the pier, you can use your rockets to kill anything that moves; that will usually take care of this objective. After your objectives update, walk down to the end of the pier and hop on Doyle’s boat to end the level.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 5: Research

    Enter the cave

    For those of you keeping track at home, this is the second demo level. Anyone who played it shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the path through, although you’ll still have to take down the dozen enemies that stand between you and the cave entrance that’s your first objective.

    Sniping is a good way to start. After getting your radar locks on your enemies, whip out your sniper rifle and take down anyone in a position to shoot you. The two soldiers near the mortar by the hut at the top of the hill are good targets; after they drop, get a headshot on anyone who moves. After you get their attention, though, the mercs will start coming around to your location, so keep an eye on your radar. A helicopter will also come by to make a couple of sweeps; if you don’t want to deal with it, just wait until it offloads its troops and takes off again. A couple more bodies shouldn’t make a difference to a hardened vet like you, right?

    When you’re ready to move on, start heading around the beach towards the hut on the hill. No need to be subtle, but you might want to use your MP5 on anyone you come across, just to avoid alerting everyone whenever you make a kill. Grab the keycard from the hut and progress down and into the cave.

    Take the lift

    Before you can ride the elevator to the upper level of the facility, you’re going to need to reactivate the power, which a crew of a few mercs is working on down the hallway to the right of the entrance, but before you go, use your binoculars to scout out any soldiers who might be hanging around towards your left. The guys working on the power are apparently somewhat retarded, and don’t know that all they have to do to restore the electricity is flip the big red switch on the wall. Kill them, then do it yourself. Actually getting to the lift is the hard part, as there’s yet more mercs hanging around the entrance to the lift, and a shortage of light in which to see them, but if you managed to pick up their transponders and can see them on your radar, you shouldn’t have much difficulty. If not, you might want to hide in one of the smaller corridors and listen for footsteps until you can’t hear any soldier sounds anymore.

    After you reach the top of the elevator, simply head for the exit to end the level.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 6: Treehouse

    Get to the Scientist to help find Val

    The building in which you begin has no enemies - at least, no enemies that can actually hurt you. You should get your first good look at some of the Tridgens that you’ll be fighting later on, though.

    When you reach the door leading to the outside, Doyle will radio in with your first objective. At the same time, you should hear a vehicle approaching from your left. The soldiers aboard will be scouting around for you, but if you stay out of sight, they should be distracted by a couple of incoming Tridgens. If the Tridgens don’t emerge from the forest, you’ll probably have to take out the mercs (who are a bit tougher than the previous versions, but drop bits of armor when they die) and then deal with the Tridgens as they come at you. These Tridgens are of the primate variety, meaning that they have no projectile weaponry, but will instead jump and slash at you when they get fairly close. They’re extremely powerful when they actually manage to hit you, and are fully capable of killing you in just a couple of hits, so engage them from a distance with your M4.

    After the nearby threats are dead, you’ll have to continue on your way to the Supervision building. You have your choice of paths; you can either walk along the suspended platforms among the trees, or grab the 4WD and drive to the entrance. The latter path is a bit easier, and will probably let you arrive at the Supervision building without wasting any ammo, but the path is a bit circuitous. If you can turn the vehicle around and point it towards the jungle, taking every left turn along the path should let you reach the rear side of the Supervision building. You won’t be able to get it - all the doors are locked on the ground level - but you’ll be close to the broken walkway that leads to the building’s roof. You’ll probably have to blast a few Tridgens to clear the path, so switch your vehicle over to the rocket launcher and fire at anything that moves. If, on the other hand, you decide to proceed to this area along the walkways, let the mercenaries do the bulk of the shooting, but be sure to take down anyone directly in your path. By the time you get to the enclosed Tridgen zoo, you’ll probably have to start shooting at the Tridgens on the ground below you in order to clear the path to the Supervision building.

    The first room of the Supervision building contains a couple of Tridgens; engaging these things in close quarters is decidedly unrecommended, so unload a clip from your M4 into one of them, chuck a grenade, then retreat to the exterior and reload. They’ll likely move to the doorway to follow you, so move around to the west side of the building to find another entrance to the same interior room and blast them from behind. After they’re dead, head through the red-light door to find the very dead scientist and his keycard. Use the keycard to open up the nearby room and flip the switch here; this will open up the path to the helipad at the rear of the building.

    Enter the Bunker

    As soon as you do this, though, a couple of soldiers will start making their way to your position along the previously-locked path at the rear of the building. You can feel free to stand and fight, if you wish; you’ll probably have to fight them eventually anyway. In any case, your next goal is to reach the garage of the Supervision building, which is down the nearby stairs inside the complex. A Tridgen and mercenary clutter up the hallway on the way down, and two more Tridgens await inside the garage itself, so stay on your toes. The garage also contains a few grenades and some more ammo, so load up before getting in the Big Truck.

    After you’ve unlocked the door and driven outside, you might want to try reclaiming your 4WD if you left it nearby. If the area is clear of Tridgens, and you think you’ll have a relatively safe walk, then ditch the truck and get your...other truck. Switch over to rocket launchers, if you wish, and drive up to the helipad, dispatching all of the mercs who’re waiting for you there. When they’re disposed of, grab the other 4WD (which will probably be less damaged than the one you’re driving now, if indeed you’re driving one at all) and head down the little dirt path.

    As a note, the next section can get a little hairy. If you’re not looking for a huge firefight, there’s a walking path to the northeast of this helipad that will bypass some of the defenders ahead. You’ll wind up at the same tower either way.

    Get explosives from the tower.

    Plant explosives at the rear wall of the bunker

    As soon as you spot the bunker in the distance, hop out of your vehicle and use your binoculars to scout around. When you have a good idea of what you’re up against, get back in and use your rocket launcher to clear out the road block ahead and a couple of the soldiers up in the bunker itself. You can’t access the bunker just yet; you’ll have to travel for a bit to reach its rear side.

    When you’ve destroyed the road block, hop into the mounted minigun nearby and use it to clear out the rest of the assorted mercs in the area. Don’t proceed on foot just yet, though; there’s a sniper in the bombed-out building across the bridge from you, who you’ll want to destroy before moving on. If you can jump the roadblock with your 4WD, a rocket or two should take care of the problem; alternatively, you can lie prone next to the minigun and strafe left and right until you get a shot at the sniper with your own sniper rifle or the M4.

    You’re actually able to take the 4WD across the stone bridge here, although it’ll take some creative driving to get past the broken concrete along the way. If you wish, you can even drive it all the way up to the tower, but be careful for more mercenaries along the road. When you reach the tower, scope out the roost at its top; there may be another rocket-wielding merc up there, so step lively when walking around. The explosives are near the base of the tower, but you may want to walk up to the top and grab more rocket ammo from the hopefully-dead merc before proceeding onwards. If he’s not dead when you climb the ladder, however, you can expect a rude welcome.

    When you finally reach the footbridge leading to the rear of the bunker, take one last opportunity to use your binoculars from a distance. If you still have your 4WD, feel free to blast off a few rockets towards any enemies you see. After you’ve weakened up your foes a bit, cross the bridge and place your explosives on the cracked section of the bunker’s wall.

    After you breach the walls, a helicopter gunship will fly in and start pounding away at you. Dispatch its gunner, and any soldiers inside the bunker itself, before moving on to end the level. Don’t miss the suit of armor on the shelves near the doors leading to the underground portion of the bunker.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 7: Bunker

    Get to the helicopter landing pad

    Take the lift down to the interior of the bunker and kill off the guards just inside the first room. There should be four of them all told, two of whom will be wielding Jackhammer shotguns. When you’re inside interior levels like this, you can feel free to get rid of your sniper rifle; just drop it, pick up the Jackhammer, and walk over the sniper rifle again to get the ammo that you left in the weapon.

    Your path from this room leads either up or down a flight of stairs; taking the high road is a bit easier, as it lets you pelt the scientists in the next room with grenades from around the corner, then shoot them from the catwalks. You can shoot through the grating, so feel free to aim at people directly below you. When you’ve cleared the room, check the path from the lower flight of stairs to find some more shotgun ammo and grenades.

    Again, there are two sets of exits from the operating room here, one high, one low; both will similarly wind up in the same room deeper in the bowels of the bunker. Kill the soldiers at the foot of the stairs, preferably by just chucking a grenade through the slots; this will ignite the oxygen canisters and create a sizable explosion.

    From there, you’ll come across yet another choice of paths, but these actually lead to different locations. Of the two doors leading to the water pit, take the rightmost first; kill all of the soldiers nearby, then walk around to the security office to find a sizable ammo cache, and more ammo and health. From there, head back to the left door and proceed on your way.

    The next few rooms are linear and without surprises, unless you insist on flipping the switch next to the locked Tridgen cages. You’ll eventually have to pass back through the water pit, where a few more mercs will be waiting; if you dash out to the minigun and paste them, you should be able to escape with minor damage. If you do get shot up, return to the last room that overlooked the water pit and get some more health/armor, if you didn’t pick them up earlier.

    The next major fight occurs around a stairwell, with two mercs taking on four Tridgens. As you might surmise, the mercs don’t fare too well, leaving you with a few bloodthirsty mutant primates on your hands. Chuck a few grenades down the stairwell as the mercs attempt to fend off the Tridgens; this will hopefully even up the odds a bit, letting you lure the Tridgens back to the doorway and pick them off with your Jackhammer. From there, it’s a fairly straight shot to the Tridgen holding cells.

    When you reach the cells, sprint up the stairs to your left to find the rather user-friendly switch to open the Tridgen cages. The ensuing carnage should Darwinize the weak elements in the room below; use your M4 to take out any remaining Tridgens. The doorway below leads into a kind of loading dock; walk in far enough to trigger the arrival of the Tridgens from above, then retreat and let the mercs and mutants sort out their differences in an amicable fashion. When you don’t hear any more gunshots, proceed on through and finish off the remainders. From there, it’s a short trip to the helicopter pad. Thrilling cutscene, kick in the face, and you’re moving on to the next level.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 8: Steam

    Find the night vision goggles

    After Valerie jogs off (apparently to nowhere at all), you’ll have a new blip on your radar, which will lead you to a pair of CryVision goggles. First, though, you’ll have to navigate through a bit of forest, the first bit of which contains a few Tridgens. Tread lightly, and don’t be afraid to use some rocket ammo to take them down from a distance.

    From the corpses that the Tridgens were gnawing on, head south until you reach the small hill next to the ocean. If you climb it, you’ll come across a stationary mortar; combined with your ranged weapons, it should let you kill off any mercs your binoculars can pick up in the forests below. There’s also a patrol boat in the ocean which can be conveniently detonated with the mortar. In a rather astonishing display of AI brilliance, if you manage to alert one of the guards in the jungle, he’ll shoot off a flare gun, which will bring a couple more patrol boats towards the beach. Deal with all of the threats before heading west.

    The jungle path below the mortar leads into a small village. If you want, you can just run in guns blazing, but there are soldiers in the hills above the village that will make this difficult. To the south, there’s a stationary minigun, and to the northeast, there’s a soldier with a rocket launcher that’ll paste you if you get too close to the piers. You may want to try to sneak onto the hill to the north of the village and use any remaining rocket ammo to take down the minigunner, then kill off the rest of the mercs as they converge on your position. This village, like most of those in the game, has a restock of health and armor, so don’t feel that you have to be too conservative with your life. Just don’t die, of course.

    Follow the road to the Steam Generator

    A little down the way from the village, you’ll run across a small harbor, where a patrol boat will be shooting away at a couple of Tridgens. If you’re in the 4WD, you can use your rocket launcher to take out the patrol boat, the mutants, and the soldiers near the minigun across the water, but keep your ears open for more mercs coming down the road from the west.

    When you’re secure, you can decide how you want to proceed towards the southwest. There are a few options open to you: you can either keep on going along the road, which will leave you open to sniper fire; drop down to the harbor and take the path to the east, which will lead you to a parked patrol boat; or drop down to the harbor and take the path to the west, which will lead up a mountain from which you can snipe away at the soldiers below. (There’s a sniper rifle near the minigun in the harbor if you dropped yours during the last level.) Sniping the enemies here is probably the best way to go; take down the enemy sniper first, then the merc with the rocket launcher, and then any remaining soldiers before the 4WD comes moseying along. It’s probably best to let these soldiers exit their vehicle unmolested, then pick them off and steal the car for yourself. Grab the ammo from the huts and fallen weapons, and be on your way.

    The next little roadblock is manned by half a dozen soldiers. If you possess the awesome might of a 4WD, blast the garrison with your rockets, then ditch the vehicle, as it’s seemingly impossible to jump the tree that’s fallen across the road. When you come across the hill that’s climbable on the western side of the path, walk up and start scoping out the generator building with your binoculars. When you’ve gotten a good view, flip on your night vision and start shooting up the soldiers that are patrolling the path. Any noise you make will probably bring along more soldiers from the huts to the south, so be careful.

    Steal the plans to the Regulator facility from the worker

    Keep walking along the trail to the south. The aforementioned set of huts is here, complete with the requisite armor, health, and another 4WD vehicle. Take the truck and start blasting away at the troops around the facility, but stay in the car and drive around to the regulator’s north side. Eventually, you should trigger the appearance of an assault helicopter, which will be easily dealt with by your truck-mounted rocket launcher. When you’ve cleared the way to the generator, drive up and around to its east end, find the blueprints, and radio Doyle, who’ll formulate a plan to destroy the facility. You’ll need to head inside to do so, but before you go, check the shipping crate near the door; you can pick up a few rocket rounds inside.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 9: Regulator

    Find the first junction

    After you start the level, you’ll have an opportunity to restock your ammo a bit. Pick up any items that are of use to you, then head through the small door nearby. You’ll find yourself in a sizable canyon, with a steam generator in the middle of a lake. You’ll be able to approach the facility from either the north, east, or west; any of the paths that you see stretching around the lake are viable ones. Any of the approaches are perfectly doable, although for most difficulty levels, the approach from straight across the bridge to the north is the easiest, especially if you have a few sniper rounds with which to lighten up the opposition. Take note of the merc in the tower to the east; he’s packing a rocket launcher, so be careful when he’s in sight. Don’t worry about getting up into the tower to steal the ammo from his body; he’s apparently been sealed in, Rapunzel-like.

    The south end of the facility has a tower that’s connected to a "flying fox" device, which you can use to swing across to the entrance to the Regulator. The first room contains a truck and a few soldiers; kill everyone, then grab the health that’s in the back of the truck, if you’re running low. The next room over contains a few more soldiers; the merc on the catwalks possesses a Jackhammer, and now would be a good time to trade in your sniper rifle for a weapon that’s a bit more useful in close-quarters. Don’t miss the red keycard in the smallish room next to this one.

    The stairs nearby lead up to a dank room that’s filled with excess canisters; needless to say, you don’t want to be getting loose with your gunplay in here. To the right of the stairs is another flight that leads up into a control room; kill the soldiers here, but watch out for mercs that may try to follow you up. Grab the keycard on the desk here and any goodies you require, then continue through the next door, which leads to a little grate-balcony overlooking the storage room below. Your night vision goggles will help you distinguish your targets; if you still possess an MP5, you can use it on single-fire mode to drop the mercs here without alerting them to your whereabouts.

    One final keycard remains, in the smaller room on the second level of the storage area. After grabbing it, and looting the storage area for supplies, head through the door behind the keycard and shut off the steam, then proceed to the doorway in the hall behind this room and shut off the first junction. From here, you’ll have to return to the room with the discarded oxygen canisters, shut off another valve, then proceed to the second valve.

    Find the second junction

    Find the third junction

    Find the control center

    The next pair of junctions are directly beside each other, so shut them off, being careful to avoid getting killed by the sterile-suited merc in the third room, and head on to the control center. Inside, you’ll find a couple more goons; kill them, avoid picking up the health kit unless it’s drastically necessary, and flip the red switch here to start overloading the station.

    Hide in the vent shafts

    Your goal now is to find a spot to hide. Er, to heroically find a spot to hide. Your ventilation shaft is on the far side of the nearby courtyard, but a couple of troop transport helicopters will be dropping mercenaries into it, giving you anywhere from 6 to 10 soldiers to fight before you can reach the end of the level. If possible, lure them back towards the door and shoot them as they come through. Don’t forget to use your night vision goggles to put the spotlight on them.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 10: Control

    Get out of the building

    Predictably enough, the whole Jack-waits-around-in-the-ventilation-shaft plot doesn’t quite satisfy the exigencies of compelling storytelling. Mosey along the sewers until you reach another interior level. You should hear the sounds of gunfire coming from beyond the first door here; this is the result of a firefight between a few scientists and a group of Tridgens. If you don’t want to get caught in the crossfire, you can either wait them out, or shoot the grate off of the nearby vent and crawl through to reach the scientists. You’ll have to kill whoever survives the battle either way, of course.

    When you’re done scrounging for items (and avoiding the insta-death hissing steam), climb down the ladder and start crawling through the ventilation shaft. Rotate the steam valve at the end, climb back up and proceed down the now de-insta-deathed hallway. Shoot the scientists, and watch out for Tridgens in the venting in the nearby corridor. There are actually two vents in this corridor; first, follow the one that the Tridgens were crawling through. This will take you back to the steam valve room, so climb up the far side of the chasm until you reach another valve. Spin it, then proceed back to the corridor and into the other ventilation shaft.

    You’ll eventually come out into a room populated by mercs. Dispatch them, steal their stuff, and take the nearby lift. After killing everyone in the subsequent room, head out through the eastern exit and take down the Tridgens. The next room you pop out into contains three or four of the security-team mercs, they of the helmets and extremely dense body armor. These fellows are tough to kill, so whip out one of your assault rifles and try to pull off a few headshots apiece. Hopefully you’ll be far enough away for them to stutter in their return fire; if they mount a serious defense, just throw down a few grenades in their direction and back off.

    The other exit from the room at the bottom of the lift will lead you to another medical research facility, where you’ll get your first glance at the massive Fat Boy variant of the Tridgen. It’s dead, thankfully, but take note of the rocket launcher on its arm: you’re going to be seeing one of these in action soon enough. The east exit of this room leads you back into the room where the soldiers were; if you popped a few of them, drop in to grab their armor and a medkit. The other exit from this room leads to a little shooting gallery of Tridgens; kill off the mercs, grab the minigun, and go to town. Eventually, a Fat Boy will appear, draped in shadow, and firing off his slow-moving rockets at you. He’s not incredibly accurate at most difficulty levels, so if you can, keep firing away while he attempts to move towards you. Even a Fat Boy can’t stand up to many rounds from a minigun.

    As you head down the hallway, you’re likely going to attract the attention of the mercs in the kitchen off to one side; they seem to pick up any sound that you make, so a fight with these guys is unavoidable. What’s worse is that they all pack Jackhammers, making the close-range fight quite punishing for yourself. If you have any left, chuck in a flashbang grenade before entering the kitchen, then eliminate them as they flail about helplessly. Proceed from here through the head, offing Tridgens as you go.

    You’ll eventually reach what appears to be a reactor room, the first in a series. You’ll have two exits, again; one in the floor, underneath a pool of water, and one in the wall. Take the one in the wall and climb the ladder to the top. This should start another smorgasbord of destruction in the room below, but luckily, none of the participants will be able to see you or shoot at you, providing you stay back from the edge of the pit in the middle of the floor. After the sounds of gunshots fade away, you can start taking potshots at the Tridgen and the Fat Boy below you; the Fat Boy will obviously require the most damage to kill, so don’t hesitate to unload a few rocket rounds on him. Even if it doesn’t seem like he’s getting hurt, he is, so keep firing away until he finally keels over. When he’s gone, climb down to the lowest level of the room and sneak out through the door nearby.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 11: Rebellion

    Rebellion is probably intended to be the game’s showpiece level, and it’s certainly impressive. It’s also massively dangerous and difficult to maneuver through, as it takes the two-path philosophy to an extreme, so feel free to explore a bit and restart if you come across an area too difficult for you to proceed past.

    To begin with, flip on your heat vision to scope out the Tridgens near your starting point. There are three of them in total within the facility, so take them down and restock your ammo and armor in the reception room where the security guards lay dead. A fairly serious firefight is about to ensue, so reload all of your weapons and wait until your night vision goggles are fully charged before stepping out of the door here.

    Follow the road to the archives

    In true Frankensteinien fashion, the creations have turned on the creators, and what you witness outside is the truest incarnation of the struggle ‘twixt man and beast yet seen. In other words, there’s a bigass rumble going down, and you’re in the middle of it. Well, actually, you’re kind of off to one side: you’ll find yourself inside of a fort that’s being sieged by Fat Boys and a new kind of mutant called Locusts. The Locusts are distinguished by their Hulk-like ability to jump incredible distances, and they’re armed with AG36’s, making them, oh, a wee bit of a threat to your health. Luckily for you, the Fat Boys and Locusts will be firing away at the fort’s mercenary garrison, which should let you escape unharmed, if you play your cards right.

    At any rate, the fact that you’re inside the fort will give you a bit of protection from the Fat Boy rockets, so long as you don’t do anything stupid like climb up on the ramparts and start firing at them from above. And no, that’s not a backhanded way of suggesting a course of action; your first priority should be to escape from the battle and let the mercs and mutants kill each other off. To that end, take a right immediately after exiting the interior, shoot the merc on the walkway here, and walk down to the courtyard, where a 4WD awaits. You can’t do anything with it yet, so leave it be, shooting any other mercenaries who have the misfortune of being in the courtyard. One of the garages here has a belt of grenades for your AG36, so grab it, and the health from the second garage, if necessary, then flip the switch next to the door to the courtyard, run back to the 4WD, and book it out of there, running down anyone in your way, Fat Boys included.

    As you proceed along the path leading away from the fort, flip on your night vision and shoot down any mutants or men in your path. You’ll eventually come to a couple of mercenaries next to another 4WD; shoot them, and any Tridgens in the area, and pause for a second to assess the situation. You’re at one of the branches in this level’s path; you can either take your 4WD and jump over the bridge to your left, or continue down the path to the right. Both of these options are risky, but we’ll go over them in detail.

    Before you head out, though, you may want to return to the fort and use your 4WD’s rocket launchers and minigun to kill off any combatants still remaining, if you’re intent on looking for items. Of particular note is the sniper rifle in the tower overlooking the cliff to the south; you can trade in your Jackhammer here. Also, there’s a mountain facility near the fort containing little of interest, but if you wish, you can climb to the top, either via the footpath near the fort or through a ladder in the facility itself, to access a hang glider. The glider will let you bypass a good deal of route A, or will let you access route B without needing a car. In general, though, you’re better off with your 4WD. Either path eventually leads to another fort on the southern portion of the island.

    Route A

    Route A is the more difficult of the two paths, but is a bit shorter. If you have the 4WD, just press on along the right branch from where you encounter your first mercs and their vehicle outside of the fort. You’ll need to drive along the beach, past a few Tridgens and Fat Boys, and up a narrow road on the far end, where you’ll encounter a Fat Boy attempting to set off a landslide to trap you.

    If you didn’t get the 4WD in the fort, you’ll be able to find one immediately below the hang glider, albeit a thousand feet straight down or so. If you use your binoculars on the first section of the beach, you’ll spot a merc attempting to hold off a Tridgen and failing; this 4WD is thus untaken and in perfect shape. Before you head down, though, you should use your binocs to scout the entirety of the beach, with special emphasis given to the road at the far end. This is where most of the fighting will occur.

    If you’re up by the hang glider, you can use it to coast down to the 4WD below; just take it out nice and slow, and after a few seconds of flight, start strafing to the right. When you’re above deep water, get out of the glider and drop into the ocean. Don’t worry if you die; there was a save point immediately before you accessed the glider, so you’ll only lose a few seconds of playing time. When you’re in the water, swim to the shore, grab the 4WD, and take off down the beach.

    As mentioned, the road near the end of the beach is the site of a prospective ambush, with at least two Fat Boys, a Locust, and a Tridgen. Before you head up the road, stop on the beach and scout with your binoculars and night vision. If you can spot anyone, get back into your car and use your rocket supply to blast them. Don’t forget that you can use your night vision while driving; activate it and you shouldn’t have a problem spotting potential targets.

    When you’re ready to proceed, drive up the path, stopping when you hear the Fat Boy blasting the wall. His rockets will bring down a few boulders that may or may not block your path; regardless, try to lure him out from his hiding place and shoot him. When he’s dead, don’t bother with pushing the rocks around with your car; just get out and head up the road on foot. Past the burning car ahead, you’ll come across a structure; this is the southern fort that we mentioned previously.

    Route B

    Route B is found near where you first encounter two mercenaries with their own 4WD, below the spot where the hang glider sits atop the mountain. If you take a left turn on the path here, you’ll come across a broken bridge; you can jump the bridge with a vehicle if you accelerate hard enough. The first enemies you’ll encounter will be another set of mercenaries with a 4WD; if you’ve exhausted your supply of rockets, or if your car has taken any damage, you should try to face these guys with your machine gun and steal their truck.

    It’s worth noting that the lighthouse across the water from this point isn’t the lighthouse that you may have seen on the maps of the island back in the fort, but you can get to it nonetheless. It seems that it was intended as a target for players who chose to hang glide from the fort, but if you go down to the water and swim to the island’s rear side, you’ll find another pier. There’s a ramp that leads up from the water to the land that you can attempt to climb; it wasn’t intended for someone to walk up it, but it can be done if you try. The lighthouse contains a full restock of health and armor; once you grab everything, you can take the flying fox device back to the mainland and reclaim your car. This is all completely optional, of course.

    Your main obstacles along route B will be roadblocks, of the flaming-tree-set-across-the-path variety. Fat Boys are usually hidden away in the jungle next to these obstacles, so whenever your car hits a crest or a high point, drag out your binoculars and try to mark your opponents on the radar. The roadblocks aren’t very threatening to your vehicle, but the fire can reduce your health drastically if you dally too long, so keep your foot on the accelerator if possible.

    Beyond two sets of these roadblocks, you’ll come across a low-grade skirmish between mercs and Fat Boys. Again, speed is the better part of valor here, so floor it and drive past the combatants. Taking the road a little further through the jungle will eventually bring you within sight of another 4WD, parked near a structure; this is the southern outpost.

    The Lighthouse

    Regardless of your method of approach, you’re going to have to clean out the fort here if you want the goodies within, which include all of the ammo from the mercenaries’ guns, as well as a health kit and a pack of rocket ammo. Don’t be afraid to use your loudest weapon; you’ll want to draw all of the mercs out from their hiding spots so that you don’t get shot in the back later on.

    When you’re confident that everyone’s dead, head up to the mortar on the roof of the structure. If you’re using binoculars, you should be able to spot a sniper and a rocket launcher merc near the lighthouse; one’s in the roost at its top, and the other is on the road leading up to it. There’s also another merc with a mortar on top of a rocky outcropping, about halfway between your position and the lighthouse. If you have the sniper rifle, you can use that and the night vision goggles to eliminate each of these threats, but if not, a rocket launcher works just as well. There’s also the matter of two more 4WDs coming your way along the lighthouse path. If you can, use the mortar to destroy them; if not, you can either use the mounted minigun elsewhere in the fort to take them down as they arrive, or just wait for them to dismount and kill them inside the outpost itself.

    After the fighting’s over, grab a 4WD and head out for the lighthouse. Before you start coasting along the beach, though, you may want to backtrack towards the grounded sailboat, which contains a full suit of armor. If you continue heading down this beach to the northwest, you’ll come across a corpse lying near a sniper rifle. If you haven’t found one yet, here you go; use it to bust down the lighthouse defenders. If you did already possess a sniper rifle, you’ll be happy to know that this one contains ten rounds, instead of the usual five.

    The Archives

    When you reach the road leading to the lighthouse, ditch your truck and beat your feet up to the structure. Loot the ammo from the mercs you shot before, then get a bead on the situation to the northeast. As is so often the case, there’s two methods of reaching the archives; you can either retreat back down to your 4WD and take the main road, or climb across the rocks near the lighthouse to reach the hang gliders. Actually, whether you intend to glide or not, it’s a good idea to check out the area near the gliders: there’s a merc who’ll drop another four rounds of rocket ammo for you; there’s a small box of sniper ammo nearby; you’ll be able to use your binocs to mark the locations of a good dozen or so mercs and mutants near the entrance to the archives; and last but not least, there’s a helicopter to deal with. This vantage point should let you make an easy hit with a rocket as it approaches.

    Although you can see a good number of enemies near the archives, don’t bother sniping; these guys seem to regenerate when killed, or, at least, the game seems to keep spawning in more enemies as combatants die. What’s worse is that the only entrance to the archives building is a very narrow bridge, barricaded on both sides by concrete dividers. Your best bet here is to get back to your 4WD or the buggy at the base of the lighthouse road and take it in, Thelma and Louise style. Or whatever a more manly equivalent of Thelma and Louise is. And you’ll probably not want to commit suicide... Let’s move on.

    At any rate, your vehicle should be able to get you to the bridge in once piece. When you’re there, hop out, tag any nearby mercs with your assault rifle or Jackhammer, if you still have it, and proceed up into the nearby tower to grab some supplies and the rocket ammo from the merc there. When you’re ready to move on, leave the carnage behind and head towards the helipad behind the bridge, but be on the lookout for the heavily-armored mercenaries guarding the path. If you manage to spot them before they see you, you can use one of your rockets to dispatch one or both of them. From there, it’s a relatively easy walk to the entrance to the archives, but be sure to snipe the minigunner atop the building before you proceed. Also, check the bunker near the road for a boatload of ammo before you exit this level.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 12: Archive

    Make it to the last working cargo elevator

    The first room of the archive introduces you to a new threat, the appropriately-named Spectre. These fellows resemble Locusts in outward appearance, except for the fact that they’ve come down with a mild case of invisibility. In harsh light, you’ll probably be able to spot them due to their Predator-like shimmering effect, but it’s generally easier to activate your CryVision goggles and track them by their heat signatures. If you feel a little underpowered for close-range fighting, don’t hesitate to use your rockets or the AG36’s grenade launcher to even the odds a bit.

    After fighting off three of them, you’ll come into a room where scientists and mercs are skirmishing with a few Spectres. Kill the remnants of the fight and trade in one of your weapons for a Jackhammer, if you don’t already possess one. Shoot out the blue panels in the nearby...thing, and drop down. You’re likely to take damage if you just jump down and hope for the best; try to slide along the sides of the interior of the machine to avoid this. At the bottom, hit your night vision and take care of the two Spectres.

    The rest of the doors here are locked, thus trapping you in a dead end...or so it seems. If you look at the water in the center of the room, you’ll notice that there’s a hole in the grating that’s been covered up by a wooden plank and a couple of metal barrels. Push the junk out of the way and float down.

    In what appears to be a bit of Half-Life homagery, you’re going to have to swim through the passageway here until you come up next to what appears to be a reactor. Kill the Tridgen in the room and flip the switch on the wall to unlock the doors, then head back through the hallway to the room you just swam away from. Head through the door marked "Level 3" and take the lift down.

    You’ll emerge into another firefight between Tridgens and mercs. Wait for the dust to settle, then suit up with whatever armor the mercs left behind.

    The expansive room nearby hosts a dozen or so security mercs. As per usual, these fellows are packing helmets, rendering them less vulnerable to headshots. As such, you’ll probably want to make a loud noise near the hallways before the room and lure as many of them back to you as possible before Jackhammering them in the head. Your mileage may vary, but it can definitely help to weed out some of the multitudes before progressing into the room itself.

    When you do move on, though, you’ll want to scout with your binoculars. You should spot a couple of soldiers on the catwalks towards the rear of the room. If you dropped your sniper rifle for the Jackhammer earlier on, you won’t be able to get a clean headshot off, but you can still use your AG36’s scope to pummel them with bullets from afar. They probably won’t move, or even fire back, since they’re so far away. Take them down before moving among the crates in the center of the room; the last thing you need is something distracting you from the soldiers among the shadowy boxes. If you’re intent on making an impression, you can fire off a rocket at these soldiers; one of them carries a rocket launcher of his own, so you likely won’t be missing any ammo afterwards.

    The soldier along the rear of the room, besides possessing the rocket launcher, also drops a keycard when you kill him. Grab it and head through the nearby door to come face-to-face with a few more Spectres. The cargo elevator here is sadly nonfunctional, but it does contain a sniper rifle that will be useful in a few moments.

    When you come out into the open, lie prone before the first little opening into the canyon beyond and start sniping away at any individuals that you can spot; there should be quite a few targets. Since you just passed a save point, feel free to go a little crazy and get a feel for what type of enemies are where; there are at least two mercenary snipers in this area, as well as a rocket launcher foe on top of the water tank way down at the other end of the area. As soon as you’re spotted, a cargo chopper will come in with a few troops. You can’t destroy it, but you may be able to get its mercenaries with a rocket as they rappel down to your location.

    After the dust clears a little, you’ll be able to more thoroughly gauge the forces that you haven’t yet taken out. If you spot a Fat Boy at the other end of the metal walkway, and it doesn’t look like the soldiers there are firing at it, don’t waste ammo on it; this seems to be a repeatable glitch. He should disappear by the time you get a bit closer to the other side of the valley. Also, you may hear a helicopter sound as you walk towards the far door; this, too, is apparently a glitch, or just the sound of one of the helicopters that already left, as nothing appears to threaten you.

    You’ll reach a save point before the metal doors that are your goal, and it’s a good thing, too, as another orgy of death awaits you in the room beyond. It’s not one of those generic, run-of-the-mill orgies of death, either, the kind that feature armorless mercs and a few Tridgens. No, this is an escalated threat, featuring a Fat Boys and numerous fully-clad mercenaries, replete with PG90’s, helmets, and grenades. Not quite a full-blown apocalypse of gore, but it’s early yet, and the Fat Boy can cause problems for players who happen to get too close. Don’t be one of them.

    Unfortunately, the presence of a mutant won’t distract the mercs enough to prevent them from training their automatic weapons on you, so you’ll need to tread lightly. You can either walk into the room and withdraw as soon as the fighting begins, and wait until you don’t hear any more gunshots (which can take a while), or attempt to sprint to the right of the entrance and reach the doors at the far end of the room without dying. A standard method of dealing with mercs at long range, should you see any, is to flip on your night vision, immediately go prone, and use your AG36 on zoom mode to nab headshots. Despite the fact that they have helmets, headshots still drop a merc more quickly than do body shots, and if you click your attack button so that no more than three or four bullets fly out at a time, you should be able to retain some semblance of accuracy.

    Your best bet, however, is to use rockets judiciously on your approach towards the door. You should have at least four from the guy atop the water cooler, and that’s really all you’ll have time to fire when you’re inside, but it should be enough to get you to the exit point unscathed. Well, that and a little luck. Begin by approaching the door from the outside on its far right extremity; when it’s opened up, pop over the ridge, activate your night vision, and start pacing along the room’s outside wall. When you see a merc, fire away. These guys are tough, but they’re not tough enough to withstand a close-order explosion, so feel free to fire at a nearby wall or the floor if you don’t want to risk missing a moving target.

    When you reach the corner of the room, turn back inwards towards the metal doors and walk towards them. They’re actually not the exit - they’re locked - but they’re close enough to act as a good landmark. Where you really want to go is towards the crate that’s being suspended by a chain. Shoot the chain when you’re close enough to hit it, and the crate will fall through the floor, revealing a couple of vents. Drop into the hole here and head out through the eastern vent, continuing straight past the branch in the passage - all the fork here leads to is another exit from the same hole you just left. Eventually, you’ll reach a ladder heading up; flip the switch to call the elevator and congratulations, you’ve finally managed to complete the sole goal for this level.
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    Odgovor: Far Cry

    Level 13: Cooler

    Go to Valerie’s last known position

    Levels have begun in a more pleasant fashion than the Cooler level, which immediately squares you off against not one, but two Fat Boys, in a couple of narrow hallways. The main difficulty here lies in the initial feinting process: you have to manage to get behind one of the Fat Boys so that you’re not pinned between them. After that, rockets, grenades, and your assault rifle should make short work of the beasts. Try to stick to the middle of each hallway, and strafe left or right around the Fat Boys’ rockets as they’re incoming. Leave yourself plenty of room between you and the wall behind you, and you should be fine. If not, there’s a medkit by a body near the fuel tanks.

    Another little firefight ensues in the next room over, between a couple of Spectres, a scientist, and a merc. The best course of action here is to step through the door leading into the room, which triggers the fighting, then retreat back to the fuel tank and crawl through the ducts, taking the first right turn. This’ll lead back into the room, but you can fire upon the survivors from the duct with less risk of getting hit.

    Since a game without quicksaving wouldn’t really be quite the same without two difficult fights in-between save points, you’re treated here to a duel between a few mercs and a Fat Boy in a narrow corridor. Your best bet here, and it’s far from a sure thing, is to try and wipe out the mercs first, either with grenades or rockets, then charge down the corridor to grab their minigun and use that on the Fat Boy. Since the minigun is positioned so close to the wall, you’ll probably want to disengage and take cover before the Fat Boy’s rockets hit you, then dash out and fire again, repeating the process until he goes down. Grab the keycard and the items from the ledge near the minigun, then head back to the locked door in the adjacent room, which the keycard will open.

    Now that you’ve finally managed to save your game, you can keep on truckin’ through the now-unlocked door. Take out the Spectres and the mercs here, then turn the corner to get the Tridgens’ attention. You’ll have noticed the vents set into the floor of this hallway; crouching into one of them will get you a fair bit of protection from the Tridgens’ jumping attacks.

    Find the security switch to access the elevator

    Beyond the Tridgen hallway, you’ll enter a room where the mother of all PowerPoint presentations was apparently taking place before the disturbances began. The Locusts and maintenance workers in here are woefully inept at killing each other, so do your best to give them a hand, then head into the Archives room.

    The first room on the left as you enter the hallway isn’t necessary to enter, but it does contain a box of Jackhammer ammo, which will be helpful when you’re assaulted by Spectres farther down. At any rate, as you pass through the gauntlet of foes here, you’ll eventually arrive at a room of armored mercs and Tridgens; kill everyone and flip the red switch on the wall to activate the elevator. The passage nearby leads you back to PowerPoint room, where the door to the main elevator has been unlocked. Head down, and reload your weapons on the way.

    Another firefight is occurring down here, but if you mind your own business and stay out of the way, you should be able to keep a separate peace with the hostile parties. If you skulk your way to the left side of the room, you’ll come across a couple of mercenaries hiding behind some overturned cabinets. Here’s a tip: if you’re ever assaulted by mutants with rocket launchers attached to their arms, be sure to reinforce your makeshift fortifications by stacking explosive canisters atop them. This won’t actually make them any more secure, but it will help prevent your zombification due to the fact that your body will be in a hundred little pieces.

    The room beyond the fortification is another lab - an evil lab. You can tell by looking at the copy of Evil Scientist magazine on the counter. ("Ten great tips to help hide WMDs from UN inspectors!") Flip the switch here to open the doors to the "big tank room." The hallway branching out from the lab will lead you to a position overlooking said "big tank room," and the firefight that’s currently ongoing between Locusts and a few mercs. Using your AG36’s scoped view and your night vision, you should be able to take down all of the combatants fairly easily. You may want to just shoot the two nearest mercs, then leave the two that are actually inside the room alone, so that the Locusts concentrate their fire on them.

    Flood the mutagen room to access the upper floor

    When the room is clear, rotate the steam valve at one end to instigate a probably-impossibly-quick flooding of the entire interior, then swim up through the vent at the top. You’ll soon be facing off against a single Fat Boy at fairly close range, so you’ll want to have collected any spare armor that the mercs dropped before you spin the valve here.

    Save Valerie

    This Fat Boy fight is supremely annoying, mostly due to the way his rockets detonate after they penetrate the surface of the water. There’s no easy way to kill him, unfortunately; if you reach this point without enough health, you may have to go back a save point or two and try the previous portions of the level in a different manner so that you’re not crippled when you reach him. After you dispatch him and the Tridgens in the classroom beyond, you’ll finally reach Valerie’s last known location. And, in a stunning plot twist, she’s actually still here, even if she is sharing the room with two Tridgens. Kill them off to end the level, and be shuttled off to some other inglorious assignment.
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