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    The Post War Dream (Waters)

    [Car sound, switching on of car radio]
    "...announced plans to build a nuclear fallout shelter at Peterborough
    in Cambridgeshire..."
    [phzzt! of returning]
    "...three high court judges have cleared the way..."
    "...It was announced today, that the replacement for the Atlantic
    Conveyor the container ship lost in the Falklands conflict would be
    built in Japan, a spokesman for..."
    "...moving in. They say the third world countries, like Bolivia, which
    produce the drug are suffering from rising violence...[fades]"

    Tell me true, tell me why, was Jesus crucified
    Is it for this that Daddy died?
    Was it for you? Was it me?
    Did I watch too much T.V.?
    Is that a hint of accusation in your eyes?
    If it wasn't for the nips
    Being so good at building ships
    The yards would still be open on the clyde.
    And it can't be much fun for them
    Beneath the rising sun
    With all their kids committing suicide.
    What have we done, Maggie what have we done?
    What have we done to England?
    Should we shout, should we scream
    "What happened to the post war dream?"
    Oh Maggie, Maggie what have we done?

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    Odgovor: Pink Floyd

    run like hell

    "Pink Floyd, Pink Floyd"

    Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run,
    Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run.
    You better make your face up in
    Your favorite disguise.
    With your button down lips and your
    Roller blind eyes.
    With your empty smile
    And your hungry heart.
    Feel the bile rising from your guilty past.
    With your nerves in tatters
    When the cockleshell shatters
    And the hammers batter
    Down the door.
    You'd better run.

    Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run,
    Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run.
    You better run all day
    And run all night.
    Keep your dirty feelings
    Deep inside.
    And if you're taking your girlfriend
    Out tonight
    You'd better park the car
    Well out of sight.
    Cause if they catch you in the back seat
    Trying to pick her locks,
    They're gonna send you back to mother
    In a cardboard box.
    You better run.

    "Hey, open up! HaHaHaHaHaaaaaaaaaa!
    [sound of car skidding, followed by loud scream]
    "Hammer, Hammer"

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    welcome to the machine

    Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
    Where have you been?
    It's alright we know where you've been.
    You've been in the pipeline, filling in time,
    Provided with toys and 'Scouting for Boys'.
    You brought a guitar to punish your ma,
    And you didn't like school, and you
    know you're nobody's fool,
    So welcome to the machine.

    Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
    What did you dream?
    It's alright we told you what to dream.
    You dreamed of a big star,
    He played a mean gituar,
    He always ate in the Steak Bar.
    He loved to drive in his Jaguar.
    So welcome to the Machine.

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    Jesus, Jesus, what's it all about?
    Trying to clout these little ingrates into shape.
    When I was their age all the lights went out.
    There was no time to whine or mope about.
    And even now part of me flies over
    Dresden at angels one five.
    Though they'll never fathom it behind my
    Sarcasm desperate memories lie.

    Sweetheart sweetheart are you fast asleep? Good.
    'Cause that's the only time that I can really speak to you.
    And there is something that I've locked away
    A memory that is too painful
    To withstand the light of day.

    When we came back from the war the banners and
    Flags hung on everyone's door.
    We danced and we sang in the street and
    The church bells rang.
    But burning in my heart
    My memory smolders on
    Of the gunners dying words on the intercom.

    "The Hero's Return"
    Poruku je izmenio NSdjanka, 09.02.2009 u 18:10 Razlog: naslov

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    Odgovor: Pink Floyd

    Remember a day before today
    A day when you were young.
    Free to play alone with time
    Evening never came.
    Sing a song that can't be sung
    Without the morning's kiss
    Queen - you shall be it if you wish
    Look for your king
    Why can't we play today
    Why can't we stay that way

    Climb your favorite apple tree
    Try to catch the sun
    Hide from your little brother's gun
    Dream yourself away
    Why can't we reach the sun
    Why can't we blow the years away
    Blow away
    Blow away

    remember a day

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    two suns in sunset

    In my rear view mirror the sun is going down
    Sinking behind bridges in the road
    And I think of all the good things
    That we have left undone
    And I suffer premonitions
    Confirm suspicions
    Of the holocaust to come.

    The wire that holds the cork
    That keeps the anger in
    Gives way
    And suddenly it's day again.
    The sun is in the east
    Even though the day is done.
    Two suns in the sunset
    Could be the human race is run.

    Like the moment when the brakes lock
    And you slide towards the big truck
    "Oh no!"
    "[scream] Daddy, Daddy!"
    You stretch the frozen moments with your fear.
    And you'll never hear their voices
    And you'll never see their faces
    You have no recourse to the law anymore.

    And as the windshield melts
    My tears evaporate
    Leaving only charcoal to defend.
    Finally I understand the feelings of the few.
    Ashes and diamonds
    Foe and friend
    We were all equal in the end.

    "...and now the weather. Tomorrow will be cloudy with scattered showers
    spreading from the east ... with an expected high of 4000 degrees

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    Odgovor: Pink Floyd

    ne kontam zbog chega je the final cut najloshije prodavani album floydapo meni je to remek delo

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