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Carum Rarum

Ocenite unos
If this song doesn't stop writing itself down
I'm gonna have to stop this illusion
by accepting all of the confusion
strapped beneath my thorn-made crown.

The very conception of unity lies
beneath the scars and other reminders of past trials
that have produced us into pitiful liars,
the great composer gives us the chance
to choose the color of our own demise.

When the dust from your eyes settles down,
the irony of life
will pierce through and cut you like a knife,
the dreams you had as a child will only drag
you down and make you drown.

Discard your truths, librams and entity,
bend your will and perception
to the crowd that will greet you only with a cold reception,
kill your god-sent uniqueness and give them what they want,
'cause they don't need your identity.

But save your wounds 'cause they are the only things that are true,
the marks on the flesh
that no matter how hard you try always stay fresh,
they are the only thing that can wake you up and prove,
that in fact, you are still you !